Is SmartCSS right for me?

SmartCSS allows for rapid development of web pages that can handle dynamic content.

This means you can manually edit text or add dynamic text using server script code and the design will expand correctly.

This makes SmartCSS perfect for creating templates or for creating a small (say 10-30 page) website site entirely from Fireworks without the need to re-create the design by hand using CSS.

This tool is designed for people that dont have the time or desire to hand-code CSS, especially when all we need is to create a template or small website in a short amount of time.

Because you are working in a free-flow manner the computer will reduce the dynamics of your design down to a limited amount of HTML blocks according to the algorithm whilst allowing for variable height text blocks for handling dynamic content. You do however need to pay attention to some rules when producing your design for perfect operation.

For larger websites it really depends on your current workflow..

If you import the design with each page load (in a template fashion) then its feasible to use SmartCSS to create these templates as updating the whole site with a new design can be solved by updating one template.

However, if you rely on CSS to act as a skinning mechinism for basic HTML generated by your content management system, you may not find the generated code compatible. It does not reduce a free-flow design down to a translation template for a handful of H1,H2,P and LI elements, sorry.

That said, by understanding how SmartCSS works it is possible to create a design and know pretty much exactly how the code it produces will look when you need it structured in a certain way, which is where the tutorials can help you make the best of this tool for fine grained control when you need it and free-flow when you dont.

Hopefully you'll find SmartCSS useful, I do!

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