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Demo video

How often do you have to type your name, email or address? Wouldn't it be nice to simply press a couple of keys or speak a word to your computer and the text appears?

With text expansion macros any predefined text you wish to appear in any application is ready on your command and this will save you lots of time throughout the day, you'll wonder how your ever lived without it!

Autopilot enhances and integrates any editor or development environment including Xcode, Eclipse, NetBeans with great macro capabilities to improve your productivity.

It doesn't matter what language or technology you develop for, if you use a keyboard then Autopilot should make you more productive.

You also get access to hundreds of free ready made scripts and sub-programs that do every kind of task from system maintenance to enhancing iTunes, you name it!

These can be installed into Autopilot and are there at your command.

Autopilot is packed with automation and scripting possibilities. So its easy for any Mac user to get just about any task automated.

Control and orchestrate your Mac like never before, its a very satisfying experience.

If getting stuff done with just one or two clicks is not enough, why not go hands-free?

Autopilot allows commands or scripts to be triggered by voice recognition.

"Computer, perform this task"

You'll type less and get more done and as its so easy to add commands such as to backup your work to a USB drive, upload to a website or any other task you need, you'll become addicted to using Autopilot for everything!

System Requirements

• Apple Macintosh computer
• Mac OS X 10.5.0 (Leopard)

15-day Trial

The download contains a fully working trial version of the software

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