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SmartCSS is the revolutionary new HTML export extension for Adobe Fireworks which allows you to simply design your web-page in Adobe Fireworks CS3 and generate usable production ready CSS and HTML code.

This means you can avoid the extra time and effort required to reproduce your web page design using CSS/HTML, if you want to!

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Generated HTML pages are suitable for dynamic content
Get flowing blocks of HTML elements on a single layer.

The generated pages were developed and tested against all major web browsers.
Text, Rectangles and Images are exported as just that. Fonts and justification are all retained like you design them.

Many design tricks for repeating background images and building expanding shadowed boxes are easily replicated with little effort.
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A basic tutorial for using SmartCSS can be found

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System Requirements
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• Adobe Fireworks CS3
• Mac or Windows Compatible
Free Download
The download contains an MXP extension that you install via Extension Manager

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